Kim Jones


Choosing to start counseling is a sign of strength. People seek counseling for a variety of reasons. To me, the most critical part of counseling is finding someone to work with professionally with whom you are comfortable. My goal is to collaborate with you in working towards creating lasting change in your life. You are not alone.

If you are an adult or couple struggling with life challenges, anxiety, depression or needing to enhance your “tools” for dealing with difficult and stressful situations, I would be happy to explore your needs with you and help you discover how to create lasting success.

If you are a parent of a teen having difficulties with peers, school stress, social skills, interpersonal or behavioral issues, I can work with you to assess and help guide you and your child to more successes. Parent coaching and support is also available.

Personalized services are offered at my Office location in San Diego as well as via Secure Telehealth video and phone therapy sessions to any client residing in California. Research shows that both are effective in positive treatment outcomes and we can discuss which method best meets your needs. *UPDATE 3/2020: Given the Corona Virus (COVID-19) health pandemic that we are currently faced with, all sessions will be offered only via telehealth until further notice.

Please contact me to discuss your specific situation and I look forward to our work together.


Counseling Services

Life stressors and transitions can be very challenging. Whether it’s a bump or a major valley happening in your life right now or in your relationship with your teen or spouse/partner, reaching out for support is a sign of strength.

I will work with you, listening and helping to guide you in search for valuable insights which might be keeping you stuck or in pain. I strive to help you in gaining clarity of your situation, as well as enhancing the skills you already know but may not be using in this moment. I will help you move towards the goals we develop together to achieve the potential you desire in your relationships and life. My focus is to help you decrease your reaction to stressors and make life meaningful in a way in which will bring you more happiness and fulfillment in your daily life. Let’s make a difference!

Individuals/Couples/Relationships: Life changes including Employment stress/loss; School difficulties/stressors; Marriage/Birth of child transitions; Separation/Divorce; Depression/Anxiety; Grief/Loss or Catastrophic Illnesses; Stress management; Anger management; Trauma; Communication and Problem solving skills; Conflict management; Personal growth/Skill building

Parent/Child Relationships: Parenting skills; Communication strategies; Problem-solving and Goal-setting; Transitions; Healthy boundaries and Relationship building/Conflict resolution skills; Family counseling

Pre-adolescent/Adolescents: School stressors/struggles; Anxiety/depression; Peer relationships; Social skills/behavioral issues; school problems; ADHD; self-esteem and self-confidence; anxiety/fears; grief/loss; chronic illness; trauma; divorce; self-identity, personal growth and healthy adolescent risk-taking

Marriage and Family therapy
Individual adult therapy
Adolescent therapy, teen therapy